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Ian 'Dicko' Dickson


We all know him as the straight-talking bastard judge on Australian Idol but prior to becoming a household name, Dicko spent over 20 years in the UK/International record industry working at iconic labels such as Creation, Sony, A&M, and BMG alongside artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Celine Dion, Jamiroquai, Foo Fighters, Westlife and Pearl Jam.


In 2019 Dicko formed Tricycle Artist Management with his close friend Tony Aitken and, so far, it appears to be keeping him off the TV - which is a big win for all of us!

For all A&R, media and marketing enquiries, you can contact Dicko at

Tony Aitken


I suppose if you’re going to have a company in the Music Business, then it would seem natural to have a background that included something from column A - Music.....and column B – Business... and that’s exactly what Tony's life has been.

Tony found his place in Musical Theatre, playing lead roles throughout Australia and overseas, and was the youngest person ever to be offered a placement at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. Much of his young adult years was spent in a variety of live bands, alongside which he forged a professional career within the hospitality industry, holding several Management positions in both local and national companies, including Managing Partner of Outback Steakhouse Australia.

Tony co-founded TAM and has been managing the development of several young musicians alongside Australian music icon and good friend Ian “Dicko” Dickson, marrying his passion for the arts with his business acumen, and is now a director of two entertainment companies.

For all booking, touring and live enquiries, you can contact Tony at

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