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Sellma Soul


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Brisbane/Meanjin Trans Pop Icon Sellma Soul pedals her lush alt-pop melodramas to an unsuspecting world. Sellma's songs present her as a potent voice for both the Queer community and pop fans hungry for exotic sustenance.


Sellma uses her music to express equal doses of rage and beauty; ‘It Gets Better’ a brutal take down of the shocking Bigotry exposed in the now infamous ‘Citipointe Christian College’ tragedy; ‘Ambrosia’ painting a hyper kaleidoscopic vision of the Brisbane club scene with a voyeuristic peep at every day punters and what they do in the shadows of clubs and dive bars. Sellma Soul's music always invites us to wash off the grey foam of conformity and bare our true faces to the sun because we are all gods.


Sellma Soul works closely with co writer, producer and Live musical director Tim Aitken (one half of Sunshine Coast pop duo Sametime). She has been scrubbing herself down to the bone working and planning and scheming her next artistic outburst. Sellma's upcoming releases will place her in the middle of battlefield earth, a place surrounded by dangers and bigotry.

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